Welcome Back Students, Parents, and Guardians to Richard A. Alonzo Community Day School School Year 2023-2024!  We are excited that Alonzo CDS will be open for in-person learning five days a week for student's 7th through 12th grade starting Monday August 14th. Many students have been labeled in the district as at-risk but here on our campuses we see them as students with untapped potential, for we know that our students have had several struggles in their short lives.  Some students have experienced academic/classroom difficulties, some with severe emotional or behavior struggles, some being incarcerated, some pending expulsion, and some are homeless/foster youth.  We pride ourselves in responding positively to challenge by embracing collaboration, making connections, developing competence contributing to self-awareness, and building confidence for all our students. Alonzo CDS offers a smaller setting for those students who would benefit a more personalized educational experience. Alonzo CDS has an Academic Counselor, Attendance Counselors, A-G Counselor, and Psychiatric Social Workers to assist students in achieving their goals.

Our students are provided with instruction that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Student's instructional confidence stems from the challenging academic curriculum that is tailored to meet their academic and literary needs.  We implement norms of success which include collaboration of all stakeholders, building academic and life-skills confidence and assuring that our students promote from their date of entrance to reaching their required grade-level.  Many of our student's desire to complete their A-G learning at Alonzo CDS, they prove to successfully graduate and to take their first steps to college enrollment creating their journey to success.  Learning doesn't stop when you are tired, learning stops when you are finished. 

Have a great year!  See you soon!